Best Quaker Parrot Food (What is Best to Feed Your Feathery Buddy)

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Finding the best Quaker Parrot food on the market is challenging, mainly because many brands and providers are online.

You know that birds are different, so what appears to be a good meal may not be the best choice for your parrot. 

Quaker parrots, like other birds, require a well-balanced diet to keep them healthy; hence you need to go an extra mile to find food that gives your bird strong feathers and healthy and perfect skin.

Continue reading the following buying guide to know the best food for your bird!

Summary: Best Quaker Parrot Food

1. Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food -Made of high-quality ingredients-Contains Omega fatty acids-Balanced diet
2. Higgins Vita Seed Parrot Food-Contains 15% protein-Has 16% fat-Contains 14% fiber
3. Kaytee Forti Pro Egg Cite -Contains real eggs and honey-Contains Omega 3 fatty acids-Comes in various sizes
4. ZuPreem Pure Fun Food-Great for all medium-sized birds.-Lacks artificial flavors-Has no preservatives
5. ZuPreem FruitBlend Food for Parrots– Contains low-fat content-Vibrant colors-Excellent flavors
6. Higgins Safflower Gold -Rich in vitamins-Contains high-quality ingredients -Has Omega fatty acids 

1. Best for High Quality: Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food 

Are you looking for a complete blend of seeds, vegetables, and fresh fruits to feed your parrot?

This food is loaded with vegetables, nuts, fruits, wholesale seeds, grains, and other nutrients for a broad and complete diet.

The food also contains Omega fatty acids, digestive probiotics, and DHA, which help your bird’s immune system stay strong and healthy.

This dish is produced with high-quality ingredients. Moreover, it does not have artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, suitable for even delicate and picky birds.


  • It maintains a diverse diet.
  • Its components are high in DHA and Omega fatty acids.
  • Your birds appreciate vegetables, nuts, fruits, grains, and wholesale seeds.


  • The food might not resemble the description

2. Best Quaker Parrot Food Rich in Vitamins: Higgins Vita Seed Parrot Food

Higgins Vita Seed Parrot Food comprises a unique blend of veggies, seeds, and fruits for parrots.

You can choose from three bag sizes, which are 3, 5, and 25-pound.

This parrot food contains plant-based DHA, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and probiotics, plenty of grains, seeds, nuts, and fruit.

While the ingredients in this food are diverse, it’s noted that it is primarily made up of sunflower seeds.


  • Contains 15% protein
  • Has 16% fat
  • Contains 14% fiber


  • There are more sunflower seeds in this food than anything else.

3. Best for Healthy Bones: Kaytee Forti Pro Egg Cite 

This Kaytee product offers all the required components to provide your bird with a healthy, balanced, and complete diet.

It comes in two different package sizes: 3 pounds and 6 pounds, but if you’re giving your pet this type of food for the first time, you can start with the smaller version.

Instead of making a drastic change from one day to the next, create a seamless transition.

The product has Omega 3 fatty acids that help maintain proper brain and heart function while giving healthier and more attractive skin and plumage.

It’s created with real eggs and honey for a well-balanced protein, mineral source, and antioxidant. 

The honey and egg combo tastes fantastic and helps your parrot have stronger bones, a more brilliant plumage, and enough energy to sing and play all day.


  • It is made with Omega 3 fatty acids specifically for strong feathers.
  • It is both nutritious and contains diverse nutrients.
  • This meal comes in various sizes.


  • Contains too many seeds that you may need to throw away. 

4. Best Natural Quaker Parrot Food: ZuPreem Pure Fun Food

As the name implies, this food style is excellent and entertaining to eat.

It offers a balanced and complete diet for all medium-sized birds, including parrots, containing a large selection of delicious and healthy ingredients.

It has been made with fresh and natural ingredients in all “Pure” products, with no added preservatives, colors, or flavors.

As a result, your bird will only be given high-quality fresh fruits, veggies, and nuts. Each ingredient is carefully chosen not to exceed a particular energetic value, ensuring that your bird eats a well-balanced meal without consuming unnecessary calories.

This product is marketed and sold as a supplement rather than a daily meal. It should only be fed on rare occasions to keep your birds happy, active and stimulate their hunger.


  • Contains numerous high-quality ingredients.
  • Great for all medium-sized birds.
  • Lacks artificial flavors or preservatives.


  • Some parrots may refuse to eat the food.

5. Best for Low-Fat Content: ZuPreem FruitBlend Food for Parrots

If you’re looking for low-fat parrot food that’s still tasty and nutritionally balanced, this food is a terrific option.

Due to their vibrant colors, various forms, and excellent flavors, these pellets are designed to appeal to your parrot’s curiosity.

These pellets include grapes, oranges, bananas, and apples. They also have all the essential vitamins and nutrients your parrot requires to remain happy and healthy.

The re-sealable package keeps contents fresh, and many parrots enjoy the bright colors and flavors.


  • Contain appealing colors and flavors.
  • The nutrition is complete and balanced.
  • There are six different bag sizes to choose from.


  • It takes some parrots time to adjust to.

6. Best for a Healthy Skin: Higgins Safflower Gold 

This item comes in three different package sizes, but you can go with the single pack if you’re trying this meal on your bird for the first time to ensure a smooth transition and see if your bird enjoys it.

The product is supplemented with DHA and balanced with Omega fatty acids to maintain healthy skin, digestive system, and gorgeous plumage.

It also includes specially formulated probiotics to aid in the digestion of the substances by your bird.

It’s free of artificial colors and preservatives, making it completely natural and safe for all parrots, even the pickiest ones.

Furthermore, there are no sunflower seeds or peanuts in the dish. 


  • Contains high-quality ingredients 
  • Has Omega fatty acids 
  • Rich in minerals and vitamins


  • The Quaker Parrot might not love it at first.

Wrapping Up!

If your Quaker Parrot is selective about the food it eats, it’s time to switch suppliers.

But, if you don’t have the time to search the market for the best Quaker Parrot food, the above list will be helpful.

Take time to scroll through this post and get the one that serves your parrot with the nutrients they need.

Good luck!

Emil Hall

Emil Hall

Raising a Quaker Parrot is not what you see in a Hollywood movie. As I quickly discovered when I got my first QP pal, they need a lot of love and some (not much really) special treatment.
Don't worry. I'll let you in on all of it `-)

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Raising a Quaker Parrot is not what you see in a Hollywood movie. As I quickly discovered when I got my first QP pal, they need a lot of love and some (not much really) special treatment.
Don’t worry. I’ll let you in on all of it `-)

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